A Matlab m-file is a script of commands to be executed together. This is the method to write and group commands which work with each other to create a computer program.


This file is saved to your computer’s hard drive, and can be loaded again in the future to perform the same commands. The file has an extension – “.m”, to indicate it is a Matlab script.


When an m-file is opened, it is located in the Matlab Editor tab. The script can be executed by pressing the “Run” (Green Arrow) button, or by typing the name of the script in the Command Window.



As a programmer, it is important to understand the order in which commands are executed in a script. Generally, the order of execution is from top-to-bottom and left-to-right.


The Matlab m-file is an essential concept to learn and will be the primary way we will be working as we explore more advanced concepts of programming and signal processing. By writing our code in a script, this opens up a lot more options and the ability to perform more complex tasks.


Next, let’s look at adding Comments to our code to make it easier to read.

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