Just as strings are a type of variable where multiple text characters can be organized and grouped together, arrays are a type of variable where multiple numbers can be organized and grouped together.


Each individual number in an array is called an element. 


In Matlab, there are rules for how the elements must be organized. The elements must be organized in the shape of a rectangle.



The dimensions of the rectangular elements are described as rows and columns.


Some arrays have multiple rows and multiple columns. Another name for a multi-dimensional array is a matrix. One of the distinguishing factors of the Matlab programming language, compared to others, is how Matlab specializes in dealing with matrices.


In fact, the Matlab name is short for Matrix Laboratory.


Also, there is a special name for an array with a single row and multiple columns (or single column and multiple rows). It is a vector. 


Arrays are very important for working with audio signals. In fact, audio signals in Matlab are stored in vectors and matrices.


Next, let’s consider how mathematical functions, f(x), can be stored in arrays. This will lead us to specifically focusing on audio signals.

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