Mathematical functions describe the relationship between multiple things.


In our everyday lives, there are many examples of functions. The position on a map describes a location, north/south versus east/west. Similarly, coordinates are used to describe a particular longitude and latitude.


With math, variables are used to represent these things. The relationship between two variables can be written generally as: y = f(x).


The previous equation can be read, “the variable, y, is a function, f, of the variable, x.” In other words, “y is a function of x.”


Another way to describe functions is the following relationship, “one thing, y, that depends on some other thing, x.”


Therefore, the variable, y, is called the dependent variable because it depends on the variable, x, called the independent variable.


In Matlab, arrays can be used to store the values of a function. Each element of the array represents an individual value.



Storing and organizing a function in an array can be very useful, including when working with audio signals. Continue reading to look at how audio signals can be represented by a function – A(t).

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