Many computer programming languages (including Matlab) interpret text information differently than numerical information.


As a programmer, there are situations where it is appropriate to use the number 2, and other situations where it is appropriate to use the text ‘two.’


Text can be an individual character, like the letters in the alphabet. Text can also be entire words or multiple words.


Regardless, when text is assigned to a variable, the data type of that variable is a string.


A string consists of text including: letters, symbols, and numbers. In this case, symbols and numbers are interpreted differently than they are outside of a string.


In Matlab, any text is stored in a string when it is placed between single quotations. Several examples are included in the video below.



A key concept to understand is that individual characters of text are grouped together the create a string. Next, let’s look at how individual numbers can be grouped together to create an array.

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