Two or more signals can be daisy-chained together, one after the other, by using the process of consolidating signals. The concept is to place the samples of multiple signals in sequential order. This process could also include adding extra silence before or after a signal.


Signals can be consolidated together by using array concatenation.


This process is the digital method of recreating what audio engineers could do with analog tape to adhere two separate pieces of tape together. One famous (and audible) example of editing tape together is on the song, Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys. During the recording of the song, the verse and chorus were performed separately. Afterwards, the engineer put the two parts together by physically adhering the two tapes. If you listen closely, you can hear the splice between each section.



Next, let’s look at the process to time reverse a signal.


Here is a link to an example about creating an array of zeros.

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