“Introduction to Hack Audio” – Episode 1

In Episode 1, I will be introducing the Hack Audio Podcast and Blog. I discuss the current status and the future plans for both platforms.


On the blog, I will provide instructional content for learning computer programming and audio engineering together. There will also be a lot of information related to digital signal processing provided. Written blog posts and video tutorials will be used to demonstrate common audio effects.


On the podcast, I will share stories, philosophies, and encouragement for those working in this field or aspiring to work. In future episodes, there will be guest interviews with developers, programmers, and educators.


One of the reasons to learn computer programming is to better understand your gear. In my opinion, there 3 levels of understanding your gear.

  • The first level is understanding how to use your gear.
  • The second level is understanding the concept of how your gear works.
  • The third level is understanding how to actually implement or create a piece of gear.

In the analog world, implementing an audio effect means building circuits. In the digital world, implementing an audio effect means writing computer code. Learning how to implement or create a piece of gear can improve your overall understanding.


Stay tuned for more to come!


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