Examples of Publications:


• Hemami, H., Tarr, E., Li, B., Krishnamurthy, A., Clymer, B., & Dariush, B. (2016). Towards a Cybernetic Model of Human MovementMech. Eng. Res. 6.


• Nittrouer, S., Tarr, E., Wucinich, T. & Moberly, A. (2015). Measuring the effects of spectral smearing and enhancement on speech recognition in noise for adults and children. JASA 137, 2004-2014.


• Tarr, E., Howard, J., & Stager, B. (2014). Listener preferences for analog and digital summing based on music genre. AES 137, Paper 9136.


• Tarr, E. & Nittrouer, S. (2013). Explaining coherence in coherence masking protection for adults and children. JASA 133, 4218-4231.


• Tarr, E., Krishnamurthy, A., & Nittrouer, S. (2013). A pitch-synchronous framework for representing, recovering and modifying temporal structure in speech. Conf. on Implantable Auditory Prostheses. 


Additional Links:


• Digital Content, Waves Audio Ltd. http://www.waves.com/tag/eric-tarr


• Music Production Tutorials, The Pro Audio Files. http://theproaudiofiles.com/author/erictarr/


• Lessons on audio, computer programming, and signal processing, Hack Audio. 


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